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Pundit Consultantz is premier strategy consulting firm.  We specialize in new market, product and business research, combined with end-to-end, penetration, competitive modeling and full deployment execution.  Our passion has always been new innovative & disruptive technology, which helps us and our clients make fast acting, yet sound data-backed decisions.

Pundit Consultantz also provides the most up to date digital, marketing, and mobile strategies, and has proven results in strategic partnerships/alliances and M&A, for US and Asian expansion.

We are firm believers in the test, try, learn and pivot based on data, model. Along with creative thinking and flawless execution.


Strategic Growth

We deliver to our clients market and product growth, via strategic thinking, market research and competitive game-planning. 

Listening, understanding and truly breaking down our clients end goal, gives us the advantage needed to win.

Using our constant testing, learning and enacting tools, we are able to quickly deploy integrated  strategies to drive new business opportunities

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and Excellence 

Differentiation is a key in this constantly changing and dynamic market.  By taking a step back and understanding our client's overall opportunity, we are able to focus on strategic, yet tactical execution

Localize tactics, with the ability to scale and replicate a proven model, provides our clients of all sizes, the edge they need to succeed and compete.
Focused, detailed and documented actions along with go-to-market, maneuverings helps our team execute for our clients, flawlessly.

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Research and Analysis

We use competitive research and market analysis, to forecast market conditions to determine prospective markets and create end customer opportunities.

By working closely with all our clients, we constantly track and adjust our strategy, to keep up with competitive environments.

Using real-time data and analytics helps us keep our clients educated and counseled on strategy and delivery, for their end goal.

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