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tilr is the first true algorithmic hiring solution, revolutionizing the process for both companies and job seekers. We recognize that matching on titles and keywords doesn’t work, and that traditional search technology is broken.

We started our partnership with tilr in May of 2017 and are continually helping them expand in new markets, create carefully crafted growth and business plans for market and product expansion, while providing hands-on, tactical strategies to the CEO on fundraising and value-added partnerships.


Arti has a deep understanding of how to intentionally build and position an organization for scale. With the art of quickly digesting and breathing your organizations vision to the science of executing strategies designed to propel sustained revenue, Arti will immediately acclimate and begin to drive value for your company. Always a joy, sound support and inspiration, her leadership is rare and leaves an immediate and lasting impact on the organizations she chooses to partner with.”

CEO of tilr, Carissa Miklusak


Bloomz: 2 new markets in 9 months with access to 2M+ new direct consumers


Bloomz is a place where parents feel more connected than they ever have to their children's world.  And Teachers have more time than ever before, because they have everything they need, in one simple-to-use tool. 

Our partnership and delivery with Bloomz we were to help discover, research and execute on a full strategy for new consumer markets. Within 9 months, we were able to get Bloomz into 2 new markets, giving them access to over 2 Million other direct consumers and while increasing their membership base by over 587% YoY.


Arti’s expertise and experience in entering, expanding and pushing into new markets, has been tremendous for us. Arti was able to use a strategic partnership with the Ohio chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics, and create a path of success for us, in an extremely short time-frame.”

CEO of Bloomz, Chaks Appalabattula


Medline Industries: 65% YoY in sales and grew sales operations team from 3 to 13+


Medline is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies uniquely positioned to provide products, education and support across the continuum of care. Our ability to bring best practices from one care setting to another — from large healthcare systems and independent physician practices to home health patients and their families, is what sets us apart.

Pundit Consultantz were contracted by Medline in September of 2017 to research, create, build and fully launch a business, into specialty B2B markets, to go establish market dominance and brand in long-tailed markets. Within 6 months of our partnership with Medline, we fully launched them into the Emergency Medical Services ( by creating a fully executable business process and operations for internal and external customers. We were able to help Medline grow sales by over 65% YOY and grow their own sales operations from a team of 3 to a team of 13+.

Then in fall of 2017, Pundit Consultantz were asked by Medline to help them re-launch in the direct to consumer space, by creating an end to end digital, consumer and e-Commerce strategy. We, while working with Medline’s internal key business, product and C-Suite stakeholders, have re-built their entire D2C strategy, market entry, competitive landscape and execution plan, while delivering day-to-day business execution for this channel.  We lead daily charge for, within pricing, product, digital content, strategic partnerships and are also consulting with them on IoT and new in market innovative products.

Since inception of Medline’s D2C space, we have significantly provided a positive return in both revenue, gross margin and creating an overall market space for them.